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Our story begins on May 5th, 1988 in Tuzla. Mr. Miladin Drobnjak, Mr. Simo Injac, Mr. Zlatan Bijeljincevic, Mr. Sava Radic and Mr. Dusan Lazarevic established Patenting, in the first place oriented in work in processing industry and energetic In 1989. Mr. Miladin Drobljak introduces a HYDRODYNAMIC machine called "Macak", whose turbine in the middle of the machine is moved by water pushed through the pipe, and efficiently cleans the pipe from inside. "Macak" experiences full affirmation through the projects "T.E. Tuzla " (Power station}, "T.E. Gacko"(Power station), "Vinojug" Gevgelija (Wine production), "Vodovod" Cacak(Water supply), "Rudarski basen" Bor(Mine)...
At the beginning of 1990 we started with the production of home chemistry and vehicle cosmetics. Hereby was the beginning of our engagement in the field of home chemistry and institutional use chemistry designated, also accompanied, beside the above mentioned, by realization of following big projects: inhibitor production, water treatment (geothermal, industrial, drinking water), greenhouses Domaljevac BiH, HTP Ilidza (Power station), cleaning of boring and installations of "INA" Zagreb (Oil production), Oil Industry of Serbia, services of water treatment and installation cleaning of many breweries from the north of the country - Triglav - to the south - Gevgelija, "Jugovinil" Split (Production of plastics), "T.E.Kakanj" (Power station) , "Zelezara" Zenica (Forge), " 13.juli" Podgorica (Liquor production), "T.E. Ugljevik" (Power station), "T.E. Pljevlja" (Power station) and all power stations in the System of the Electrical Industry of Serbia and Montenegro, as well as many other processing industry plants.
After that it comes to the movement of the company headquarters to the already opened representative office in Belgrade at the hotel Srbija, Room 101, Ustanicka Street 127 c where we are today. We have continued our work at the reduced market of Serbia, Montenegro, The Serb Republic, Macedonia and other neighboring countries. Our successful start at the new residence was marked by widening of products assortment, motor pool, machines and equipment as well as widening of services. Unavoidably it comes to differences in projecting directions of development of the company owners which leads to splitting of the "Patenting" Holding, whose legal successor we remain, at the same address, under the name "Patenting" d.o.o. Beograd. We continue the cooperation with old clients with further widening of products assortment, services and their quality, which has resulted by awarding of Certificate JUS ISO 9001:2002 standard of quality. All this work has been followed by increasing of number of clients and business partners. During the time of economic embargo and war actions in our country, we purchased and supplied a big part of the Serbian and Montenegro industry with chemicals, mostly sodium hydroxide (solution and solid) chloric hydrogen and other acids.


Today our family counts 22 employees, warehouse and tanks for chloric hydrogen and other acids, sodium hydroxide (solution an solid), motor pool of 7 tank trucks, 1 truck of 5 t, pickup trucks, several cars, high pressure pumps "WOMA" 550-850 Bar, "WAP" pumps of 250 Bar, all followed by lots of equipment, machines and special tools with experts for special
tasks. Also we can introduce a wide range of home chemistry products with over 20 items.We are also preparing the construction of a new office and production space at the highway Beograd - Novi Sad (location "Zemun polje") at the area of 6.000 square meters.
Doing special projects with the Russian partners , we have achieved a new technology and completely improved the experts and staff for the most complicated and complex works in energetic and processing industry, such as, among others, coating of boilers in power stations.
We are also preparing a project of representation of foreign companies, which have the leading role in basic chemistry.

The Patenting d.o.o. Company has among others the Certificate of Quality according the Standard JUS ISO 9001:2001.

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