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Services in industry:

The services of cleaning, cleaning dirties and incrustations as well in drinking as in industrial waters, cleaning of industrial cleaning systems, solving of blockage in geothermal borings are the main and basic activities of the Patenting company since it's foundation. Mr. Miladin Drobnjak, Technology Engineer, B.S. manager and owner of the company performs the first solutions and works already in the 80-s, as a young engineer working for the "Institut za hemijska ispitivanja" (Institute for chemical research) in Tuzla, part of the "SODASO" plant Tuzla, one of the biggest and most powerful companies of former Yugoslavia. Soon he applies one of his first solutions for removing dirties from industrial and drinking waters at the "Patent Office" in Belgrade. Some of which we would like to point out are the "Inhibitor" , a chemical which is removing dirties from water and stops their sticking and depositing in the pipes and tanks and a device for hydrodynamic cleaning of pipelines under the name "Macak", named in the introductory part of the history of our company. The solutions and works were carried out all over Ex-Yugoslavia and there were more and more satisfied clients, and Mr.Drobnjak continued with his work for many successful and big companies like: TEH Projekt Rijeka, Patentinvest Sarajevo and others. Then he founded his own company, one of the first private companies in Bosnia and Hercegovina, with four friends and experts, the "Patenting" Tuzla. We have been successfully working all over the former and today's Yugoslavia and have made lots of satisfied clients, which make our reference list: Ljubljana brewery "Union", brewery "Lasko", nuclear plant "Krsko", thermal springs resort "Moravci" Murska Sobota, meat factory "Coka", brewery "Karlovac" Karlovac, "Ina" Zagreb, inhibitor production "Chromos" Zagreb, forge "Zenica", green plants "Domaljevac" BiH, power plants "T.E.Tuzla", "T.E. Ugljevik", "T.E.Gacko", "T.E.Kakanj", aluminium oxide plant "Birac" Zvornik, water supply "Vodovod" Sarajevo, hotel "Terme" Ilidza near Sarajevo, brewery "Tuzla", brewery "Banja Luka", inhibitor production "Hemija sodaso" Modrica, cold storage plant "Apatin", brewery "Apatin", "Sinalco" Subotica, liquor production "Suboticanka" Subotica, breweru BIP Beograd, cold storage plant "Merosina" and other cold storage plants in Serbia in Ex-Yugoslavia, power plant "T.E.Kostolac", "T.E.Kosovo" A and B, "MSK" Kikinda, "Petrohemija" Pancevo, oil refinery "Rafinerija" Pancevo and Beograd, "Azotara" Pancevo, water supply "Vodovod" Cacak, D.P."Henija Milan Blagojevic" Lucane near Cacak, plantation "13,juli" Podgorica, "Aluminijski kombinat" Podgorica, forge "Zelezara" Niksic, power plant "T.E.Pljevlja", "Ohis" Skopje, "Lozar" Veles, wine production "Vinojug" Gevgelija and many other factories ... The company "Patenting" d.o.o. Beograd has over 20 patent rights and solutions and is as such one of the best experts for all kinds of works and services in the chemical and processing industry. Not long ago, the "patenting" d.o.o. Beograd has purchased in means of better cleaning of industrial plants a high pressure pump WOMA with possibilities of changing the working pressure of water from 550 to 850 bar, a very rare kind of machine in these areas. Beside the services in industry, Patenting develops parallel the transport services along with trading and import and export, to be able to be quick and efficient.


Very soon, based on former experiences and cleanings in industry, we have realized that we should develop our own transport of chemicals, most of all because of the time delay of other transporters during the work, the need of moving from place to place, and increasing price offers, caused by costs and payments to other transporters. The first freight vehicle, a tank, owned by Patenting, was a blue FIAT 619 N with the capacity of 10 tons, with the wheel on the right side (you can see it in the beginning of the History). Then very quickly we purchase a tank with the capacity of over 20 tons and a red pulling vehicle FIAT-IVECO (photo in the "History"}. Now the motor pool of "Patenting" d.o.o. Beograd has 7 tanks with capacity of over 20 tons, pulling vehicles VOLVO F 12, 1 MERCEDES with the capacity of 5 tons with a removable tank, a WV pickup and several passenger cars. From the motor pool we would like to point out the tank for transport of liquid ammonia (NH3) with the capacity of 17 tons, the biggest of it's kind in Yugoslavia, then the prochrome tank for transport of DBSK, rubberized tank for transport of acids and a tank for transport of liquid sodium hydroxide. All vehicles have the certificate for transport of dangerous damaging liquid and solid freights (ADR permissions) and we can transport all over Europe and farther...

Tank for transport of NH3

Tank for transport of DBSK


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